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January 12, 2010

That's 44 Sticks Of Butter! (Sept. 28, 2009)

I've lost 11 pounds so far since starting this journey 2 weeks ago.
And because 1 lb. is equal to 4 sticks of butter, I've lost an equivalent of 44 sticks of butter. That always sounds far more impressive.
Realistically, I've lost about 44 sticks of water, but still.
The food part hasn't been very tough at all. There was one moment though, when I drove by Ford's Burgers and craved a banana milkshake (my cryptonite). That feeling stayed with me for maybe 10 minutes. No biggie.
Exercise has been a problem. I still do not have the energy or drive to do anything physical. At least on a regular basis.
My goal for October is to walk, run or bike 100 miles. Think I can do it? Wish me luck! :)

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